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Charlotte was born in Norwich and spent her early years on a farm in Norfolk and a boarding school in Suffolk. She moved to London for her secondary school education, creating a duality which underscores her paintings; she is at home in the wilderness and metropolis. Her early years were filled with her love of horses and her first sketches were of horses. Living in London with her novelist father, Charlotte met writers and painters who shaped her desire to create. She began life-modelling at sixteen and built up an impressive roster of painters who gave her an education second to none. In her early twenties she moved to mid Wales to grow her family and attempt self-sufficiency. It is in these nurturing environs that she has her studio.

Charlotte sold her first work - A Study in Speed - at the Aberystwyth open in 1992. She has exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists, the Society of Graphic Fine Art and sold a plein air oil of Wardour Chapel at Christies as part of a fundraiser. She exhibits in Minnesota as well as in the UK. She also undertakes commissions.

"The process of creating is like going on a forest walk; one strikes out with energy before getting lost and redirecting; the new path hooks us in and a place and feeling are evoked - unique to each viewer.

I am drawn endlessly to the effects of chiaroscuro and the mystery of the inbetween; the intrigue in the shadows and the wilds of both metropolis and forest.

For commission work or the various studies I have made - it is my desire to explore the essence of each subject and bring forth its spirit.

In terms of the medium I use, I love the colour brilliance and flexibility of pastels. However, having a dedicated workspace allows me the freedom to use different materials, experimenting and allowing my work to develop. Often, the subject matter dictates the medium."


Charlotte Durie
Charlotte Durie

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