How to get your NHS COVID Pass

Guidelines: How to get the NHS COVID Pass to prove that you are vaccinated against COVID-19 or have tested negative.

The following information is in line with current Welsh Government guidelines which may be subject to change. Please visit the government website for further advice and full guidance.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your covid pass then feel free to contact us on 01686 948100. We aim to make your visit to the theatre as easy, safe and stress-free as possible.


The NHS COVID Pass lets you share your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination records in a secure way.

It allows you to prove to others that you have been vaccinated, or that you have had a negative lateral flow test result. This could be for:

  • travelling abroad
  • attending large events and nightclubs in Wales including theatres and cinemas
  • showing your employer that you are fully vaccinated and are not required to self-isolate if you're identified as a contact

Who can get an NHS COVID Pass in Wales

You can get an NHS COVID Pass if you are aged 16 or over and:

  • you were vaccinated in Wales or England
  • you are not vaccinated but want to use the pass to show a negative lateral flow test result

Further information regarding vaccinations outside the UK can be found here.

How to get an NHS COVID Pass in Wales

You can get your NHS COVID Passes from the NHS UK website. You cannot use the NHS app to get the NHS COVID pass if you live in Wales. The NHS COVID Pass can be downloaded and printed.

You must be:

  • aged 16 or over
  • registered with a GP in Wales
You will need to upload a photo of one of the following:
  • passport
  • full UK driving licence
  • full European driving licence

Get your NHS COVID Pass (on

If you do not have photographic ID or a relevant smart device you will need to request a paper NHS COVID certificate.

NHS COVID Pass expiry date

A digital NHS COVID pass is valid for 30 days. The barcode will update automatically every time you log into the service. This will extend it by another 30 days.

If your NHS COVID Pass shows a shorter expiry date, it is likely that you have not fully validated your ID. You will be given an option to fully validate your ID in order to get a Pass with a longer expiry date.

How to get an NHS COVID Pass in England

For guidance on obtaining an NHS COVID Pass if you live in England or are registered with a GP in England, please click here.