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Hafren has had to reassess the Community Engagement Plans for 2020-21 in the current climate. Covid-19 has brought a new way of working for the arts industry and although we had initially delivered a couple of trial projects online, we have now developed working online extensively.

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Home Is Where The Art Is!

Zoe Mach Community Artist
Every Wednesday from 5.00pm via Zoom

Rediscover the joys of pen and paper, watercolour and acrylic. Channel your inner artist and immerse yourself in the detail, technique and skill of local artist Zoe Mach.

Every Wednesday from 5.00pm, Zoe will bring you a live, FREE paint-along tutorial, delivering tips and advice on painting. Suitable for all abilities and ages, you can ask questions and above all learn a new skill! Request the Zoom link in advance by messaging 'Zoe Mach Community Artist' on Facebook or emailing

The art classes are very creative and so much fun,whilst at the same time educational and informative. Zoe's friendly, no-pressure approach encourages the student to explore ideas and techniques new and old, offering us potential art skills to encourage our confidence and explore different ways of drawing and painting. Zoe's obvious expert knowledge, skills and approachable tutoring skills make this class fun, time out from covid worries, exciting and educational. It's a feel good class for all age groups, accessible to all no matter how good your current art skills are. Zoe's encouragement and enthusiasm promotes the students self confidence and new found art skills.

I did try another class but it felt like painting with numbers, after that I decided not to bother, but then I was told about Zoe's class. Zoe is a mine of experience and information, finding something fresh to try and time to complete your work and she is so patient. I'm so glad I felt brave enough to join.

Art with Zoe Mach, a Hafren Community Initiative with funding from Arts Council Wales.

Learn Singing & Rhythm Free Workshop

Our full set of online singing workshops in collaboration with Charlotte Woodford are now available to view on YouTube channel lifebulblive. Our online course helps to develop fluency in music, for all ages. Learn to pitch, work with pulse and rhythm, expression, read and write music, enjoy a great brain workout and insights into the incredible language of music. Introductory video: https://youtu.be/HOdtB9oiFa8

With huge thanks to the Da Capo Foundation whose approach this is, and Arts Council Wales and The National Lottery for support and funding.

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